BMES 330

330110 - Basic Human Genetics [1/62]

Genetic materials and human genome. DNA replication, mutation and DNA repair. Gene expression and control. Embryogenesis. Cell cycle and human chromosome. Pedigree. Mendelian and multifactorial inheritances. Population genetics. Chromosome abnormalities and cytogenetic nomenclature. Clinical genetics. Principles of molecular technology and update techniques.

Ariyaphong Wongnoppavich

330111 - Introduction to Biomedical Science I [1/62]

Introduction to basic human body system and medical terminology, structure and function of cell and tissue components, cell-cell adhesion, extracellular matrix and cell-matrix adhesion, basic chemistry of life, structure and functions of biomolecules, enzyme action, Krebs cycle, electron transport and cellular energy production, metabolism of biomolecules, interrelationships of metabolic pathways of biomolecules, basic techniques and analytical instruments in biomedical sciences

Ratana BanjerdpongchaiArisa BonnessTeera ChewonarinPornsiri PitchakarnWirote TuntiwechapikulAriyaphong Wongnoppavichอ.ดร.ธัญญลักษ์ พิทักษ์

330114 - พื้นฐานของร่างกายมนุษย์ 2 (BMES114 )

Gene and human genome, DNA mutation and repair, synthesis of nucleic acids and protein, control of gene expression, structure and functions of nucleotides, carbohydrates, lipid, amino acids and proteins, enzymes and cofactors, cellular energy production, digestion absorption catabolism and anabolism of carbohydrates, lipid, amino acids and nucleotides, interrelationships of energy metabolism, analytical determination of biomolecules and interpretation for preliminary diagnosis, analytical techniques and basic instruments in medical science laboratory, up-to-date technology in molecular medicine          

Arisa BonnessTeera ChewonarinORAWAN KHANTAMATWoranontee KorsiepornJanploy KunrincomPornsiri PitchakarnAriyaphong Wongnoppavich